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If you are here, it means that you are in anticipation of a special day.....
Our main goal is to create a story about you, your feelings, the atmosphere of the holiday and sincere emotions that you and your family felt on this happy day! It is sincerity and emotions that inspire us in our work.
We are engaged in wedding videography in Italy, Montenegro, Greece and other European countries!
In each of our projects - we put a part of ourselves, together with you we live this day, and become witnesses of the birth of your family. 
We appreciate your trust and will be happy to preserve all the best moments of your day.

Aleksey & Katerina


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Evgeniya & Alexander

Guys, we watched the video. It's heartbreaking! You guys are so good!
Everything turned out just the way we dreamed it would: so sincere and real! It's VERY beautiful! We are so glad we trusted you! Thank you so much! You are the best in your business, we wish you new heights, and those couples who trusted you to shoot a video for them - the real lucky ones!

Maya & Konstantin

Guys, we saw the movie! How tender, atmospheric, warm and it seems as if this day was yesterday!!!
Thank you for the opportunity to plunge back into this holiday!!! You showed it all so sensually!
We really liked the video and the movie, just to tears.
Thank you for this masterpiece! You are very talented!

Christine & Roman

I just stopped having tears... This is unrealistically awesome! Even we didn't expect it to be like this! So subtle, and most importantly about us! We again plunged into this very day and felt everything: our feelings, emotions, pleasant experiences. Thank you again for such an incredibly beautiful memory for the rest of our lives!


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